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All Star Plumbing Winterization Service

Before the weather turns cold, contact All Star Plumbing to visit and review areas of your house that need to be “buttoned up” prior to “Old Man Winter” wreaking havoc on your plumbing system. Take into consideration, if a pipe breaks during a deep freeze, you will need to fix that problem only to have your house winterized afterward to prevent a reoccurrence. Prepare now to save later

Areas All Star Plumbing will review and remedy if needed:

Close Crawl Space Vents

Check That The Crawl Space Door Is Closed

Install A Faucet Cover To Any Outside Faucets Or Spigots

We Will Disconnect Water Hose From Outside Faucets.

Apply Linear Pipe Insulation To Pipes That Will Be Exposed To The Cold Elements, Such As In Crawl Spaces.

Seal Any Cracks In Your Walls That Are Exposed To The Cold. Such As Foundation Walls.

Something you can do if the temperature plummets

  • If temp is going below 20F, let faucets drip (billed water is cheaper than flood and repair costs. Water is usually less than a penny per gallon).
  • If kitchen sink or vanity is on outside wall leave cabinet doors open to expose the water supply line and drain pipes to the inside home temperature.

Areas you can manage if you are building your home

  • If you are involved with building your house, specify that the plumbing contractor applies insulation or heat wrap to pipes that will journey through exterior walls.
  • If your new house will have a crawl space, specify that automatic foundation vents are used. They open and close according to the outside temperature.