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Common Well Pump Problems (Troubleshooting)

Modern well pump systems are not as simple lowering a bucket into a dug-out hole each time someone wants water.  It needs to work properly and efficiently to the capacity that you and your family enjoys.   There are some things you can do to determine why problems occur and some things you may need an experienced professional to get involved with.


Well pump does not come on at all

  • Check the electrical breaker/fuse.  If tripped (or blown fuse), correct it by resetting then monitoring for a possible reoccurrence.  If it happens again, the root cause could point to a problem with the water well pressure switch, or maybe the pump itself.
  • There may be an electrical “short” or it could be “overloaded” by too many appliances running through this one circuit.  Electrical concerns are serious, contact AllStar Plumbing to locate the root cause.  Don’t delay,


Water pressure drops or even stops while in use

  • Considerations would include: Water tank capacity.
  • Is it truly the size and type capable of providing heightened supply?
  • Is your water supply pump capable of providing the required refills to your tank?
  • Is your actual well capacity able to respond to new volume draws?

If you are comfortable that these three are properly in place, then there may be a concern with your well pump pressure tank.  As the volume of water in this tank decreases, the water pressure to your tap decreases accordingly.  If the tap flow stops, it may mean the well pump pressure tank is depleted.  Your system is not designed to empty completely, it’s designed to replenish.  In this event, contact AllStar Plumbing to determine the root cause so you can solve this once and for all.


Water pressure starts strong but then suddenly shuts down

  • Typically, this is a situation where the well pump pressure switch is corroded and can no longer detect the pressure in the system


Well pump water pressure is very low or even erratic

  • There are potentially a number of issues.  Contact AllStar Plumbing to determine which of the many possible causes are responsible for your concern.  To reach peak efficiency, modern well systems are sophisticated; kind of like your automobile.
  • AllStar Plumbing is well versed in managing new and older systems.   We do it for a living


Losing well pump pressure to your home or office

  • Water is obviously critical to everyday activities.
    • All-Star Plumbing can respond quickly
    • Get your home/office up and running in the shortest possible time
    • In most cases with very minimal expense.


Submersible water pump challenges

  • Submersible water pumps which can operate while fully submerged in water. They’re used for a variety of applications in our area from residential to commercial and agricultural.  Sealing systems keep the water from entering the pump motor that can cause damage and failure. If you have questions about your submersible pump, call us at 336.462.1080


We are the triad leader in the Well Pump Repair and Installation Industry

  • We’ve been at this for a while.  Hence our service technicians are both professional in conduct and competent in skill set for all brands.  We act like neighbors because we are your neighbors.  We’ll provide you advice or direction that you can trust.  We are but a phone call away and will make any challenges you are experiencing a thing of the past, finally!    336.462.1080