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Drain Cleaning High Point NC

Drain Cleaning for High Point NC

If you have a clogged drain line or leak repair in High Point NC, call the drain cleaning experts at All Star Plumbing. You can trust us to get your drain cleared right the first time. We go above and beyond to open drains and make sure they stay open.

Kitchen drains can slow down with time, eventually clogging as fats, soaps, grease, and detergents build up inside the pipes. When you have a blocked kitchen sink drain, an All Star Plumbing service professional that specializes in plumbing services will use an All Star Plumbing sink machine to cut through the obstruction and remove the debris while restoring your clogged kitchen sink drain to full function.

Bathrooms, especially toilets, are plagued with a variety of problems when it comes to keeping drains clear and clogged. Toilets can be clogged not just with toilet paper but also with non-flushable material. In High Point, All Star Plumbing professionals have all of the tools necessary to unclog blocked bathroom drains as well as expert drain cleaning services if required.

Basement and utility rooms feature some of a house’s most important and frequently used residential plumbing fixtures. All Star Plumbing’s expert plumbers provide a full range of basement plumbing services, installation and drain cleaning services, but basement floor drain cleaning is one of the most common.

Excess water in floor drains, laundry rooms, garages, and patios prevent flooding and damage. An All Star Plumbing expert can identify the source of basement floor drain clogs, provide competent drain cleaning services to remove whatever is causing the backup, and give maintenance recommendations and advice to keep pipes clear.

We do repairs or replace sewer lines at High Point, can service and repair drains and broken pipes so your plumbing works smoothly in your house.

All Star Plumbing is a leading drain cleaning business with over 27 years of expertise that can assist homeowners with their basement floor drain problems in High Point NC. Learn what plumbing issues you should ask your home inspector to look for during your home inspection.

How to Prevent Clogged Drain Lines

Clog drain lines are a common plumbing problem. However, you can maintain your plumbing system in tip-top shape by understanding how to prevent these pipe clogs in the first place. The best way to keep your drain lines clear is to limit what goes down them. Never allow the following items and materials to go down your sewer line:

  • Grease, food, coffee grounds and other substances – Dispose of these in the trash or compost.
  • Dental floss, feminine hygiene products, and paper towels – Only flush toilet paper and human waste.
  • Excess hair and soap scum – Use a mesh shower drain hair catcher to prevent build-up in your shower drain pipes.

Talk to Us Now! - Drain Cleaning and Plumbing Services

If you have clogged drains, it’s important to act quickly to avoid further damage. Contact a professional plumber or drain cleaning company in High Point NC to clear your drains and prevent any future problems.
All Star Plumbing is locally owned and operated by Josh and Larry Davis. Their efforts not only bring remedy to the many needing drain solutions, they consistently support causes that strengthen our communities.
Our team of dedicated plumbing technicians can help troubleshoot your plumbing issues over the phone and provide you with a free estimate immediately. As an established part of the community, we are known for providing everything from septic system repair to drain cleaning.

All Star Plumbing is a professional in repair plumbing problems, drain cleaning, water heater and air service company focused on quality and customer satisfaction. Our certified technicians are available for your emergencies, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

To schedule an appointment for full service plumbing needs from All Star Plumbing call (336) 462-1080 today. Choose integrity, enthusiasm, experience, and professional plumber in High Point NC; choose All Star Plumbing. We provide you realistic free estimates and a projected timeline so that you know exactly what to expect to pay and when to expect the projector repairs to be completed.