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Garbage disposal repair Greensboro NC

Garbage disposal repair Greensboro NC

Note for reference: Garbage disposals are actually considered disposers.

They come in a range of different shapes and sizes. The most common type is the in-sink disposer, which is installed under your kitchen sink. Garbage disposals are connected to the sink’s drain and operate by a simple switch.

After the garbage has been ground up, it is flushed out of the disposer and into your home’s sewage system. Garbage disposals make it easy to get rid of kitchen waste without putting it in the trash can.

Most importantly, though, disposals can help reduce your risk of exposure to harmful bacteria. When organic waste sits in a garbage can, it can start to decompose and release bacteria into the air, making life an unpleasant mess.

This is not a problem with disposal because the grinding action of the disposer breaks down any bacteria that might be present in the waste.

How can I make my garbage disposer last longer?

When it comes to garbage disposers, there are a few things that you can do to prolong their lifespan and prevent common issues.

First, be sure to run cold water for at least 15 seconds before and after using the disposer to flush away any food particles.

Avoid putting hard-to-grind items down the disposer, such as chicken bones, celery, or coffee grounds. These items can damage the blades and cause the motor to overheat. Coffee grounds are hard on your drain with or without using a garbage disposer.

Finally, always use a sink stopper to catch food scraps before they go down the drain. This will help prevent clogs and keep your Garbage disposer working correctly for years to come.

Wondering if it's time to replace your garbage disposal?

Cleaners and dish soaps that go down the drain will rust galvanized steel quickly. Corrosion won’t happen in the case of stainless steel disposal.

Garbage disposals are available in 1/3 horsepower, 1/2 horsepower, 3/4 horsepower, and 1 horsepower in a residential setting. You’ll want plenty of strength to finely grind waste so it can flow down the drain without issue. If you just intend on using the garbage disposal once or twice a week, 3/4 hp or 1/2 hp should be sufficient. To use your garbage disposal several times a day, you need nothing less than 1 hp.

Garbage disposals come with a variety of warranties, so be sure to check the specifications before purchasing.

If you see these five signs:

  • It often clogs (either the blades are getting dull, or you need larger disposal)
  • You have to press the RESET button .
  • Food takes longer and longer to grind.
  • The unit is leaking
  • The unit is making loud noises.

Garbage Disposal Replacement - Repair or Replace?

When it comes to Garbage Disposal Replacement, there are a few different ways that you can go about it. You can do it yourself or hire a professional to do it for you.

If you’re unsure whether you should repair or replace your Garbage Disposal, read on to find out more.

If you have a Garbage Disposal that is leaking, then it’s time for a replacement. Several things can cause leaks, but the most common reason is a broken seal. If your Garbage Disposal is leaking, you’ll need to replace the entire unit or just the seal. Replacing the entire unit is usually only necessary if the leak is bad enough that it’s causing damage to your countertops or flooring.

If your Garbage Disposal isn’t leaking, but it’s not working as well as it used to, you may want to consider a repair. Garbage Disposals can sometimes get clogged, which can cause them to work less efficiently. If your Garbage Disposal is starting to make strange noises or isn’t grinding up food as well as it used to, it’s time for a repair.

If your Garbage Disposal is making strange noises or isn’t working, then it’s probably time for a replacement. In some cases, you may be able to clean your Garbage Disposal and get it working like new again. This is usually only possible if the problem is easily fixable, such as a clog.

If you’re unsure whether you should repair or replace your Garbage Disposal, then the best thing to do is contact a professional. They’ll be able to look at your Garbage Disposal and determine the best course of action.

If you’re thinking about Garbage Disposal Replacement, then contact us today. We’ll be happy to answer any questions and help you find the perfect replacement for your Garbage Disposal.

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We quote on our service before we begin working and never add on additional costs or fees once it has been provided.

We quote on our service before we begin working and never add on additional costs or fees once it has been provided.

When we come to your home or business for Garbage Disposal Replacement in Greensboro, NC we will:

– First, locate the source of the problem and determine what is causing it.

– Next, we will give you a free estimate of the Garbage Disposer Replacement cost.

Finally, begin the replacement process and clean up when finished.

From simple repairs to brand new installation, our Garbage disposers services in Greensboro NC, cover it all.

We’ll make sure you get the right disposer for your needs and budget and can have it installed quickly and efficiently. Contact us today to schedule a consultation.

Our containers & garbage disposal services are both tailored to fit your needs.

We want all of our customers to know that our work is backed by a 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

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