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Kitchen sink clogs seem to happen at the most inopportune times, and can be very frustrating. Even worse, is if you find that it is a recurring problem. What if we told you that some of the most common causes are a simple fix? It’s true.

Not a plumbing expert? That’s ok! Our team put together a list of some of the tricks of the trade when it comes to the most common sink clog issues. So, if you’re wanting to avoid a call to the pros, first try these simple but effective ways to unclog your stopped-up kitchen sink.

The Culprit: Hardened Oil

When you’re cooking with oils, the consistency seems to be the same as almost any liquid… However, after they have cooled, they can take on a much harder texture like butter or lard.

If you suspect pouring oil down the drain was the cause of your stopped-up sink, try a de-clogging agent. Pour the product into standing water and don’t use the sink again until the water is completely drained. You likely won’t have to use the entire bottle at once, so try pouring in half, and then use the second half if your sink is still clogged or draining slowly.

Alternatively, you can use hot or boiling water to soften the hardened oil with a few tablespoons of coarse salt – just proceed with caution. Going forward, put cooking oils in a separate container and throw it away instead of pouring them into the sink.

Food For Thought 

Small pieces of food on dishes can accumulate over time in the pipe under your sink. Often, this can be resolved with a snake, also sometimes referred to as an auger. A snake is a thin wire-like tool that pierces through clogs in curved piping.

To prevent the issue from happening again, you can get a screen cover to put over your drain that will catch bits of food. When you see that the cover has collected some food pieces, you can pull it off and empty it in the trash or simply wipe it off with a paper towel.

Hair – It Can Get Everywhere

Usually, hair is a more common problem in bathroom sinks, but kitchen sinks are also vulnerable to hair clogs over time. The best way to pull hair out from deep inside of a drain is with a snake with small rivets that catches hair. When you pull the snake up, the hair will come with it.

Main Drain Back-Up

When the primary outflow drain from your home becomes obstructed, water may drain very slowly or not at all from all of your plumbing fixtures. In this instance, you’ll need to reach out for a professional plumbing service company to address the blockage.


When It’s Time To Call The Professionals 

Fixing a clog will be less of a headache if you take fast corrective measures before the problem gets worse. If you need help with a kitchen sink clog that you can’t fix yourself, call All Star Plumbing at (336) 462-1080 for prompt and reliable service, today!