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Oak Ridge, NC

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Full & Professional Services to Oak Ridge NC

Professional Plumbing Repairs in Oak Ridge, NC

Your home’s plumbing system is made up of a complex network of pipes that run throughout the property. It ranges from the water supply system to the drainage system, as well as all of the fixtures, fittings, and other features such as irrigation systems. For a variety of causes, one or more components within any one of these systems may fail at any moment. We are available to take care of all your plumbing repairs needs if you have a leaking pipe or non-functioning water heater in Oak Ridge, NC, or anything else relating to your plumbing concerns.

Leaks, clogs, and other issues are all too typical. Because the system has been in operation for some time, parts will eventually fail due to age or mechanical damage. Leaky pipes, blocked or sluggish toilets, slow or clogged drains, incorrect water heaters, low water pressure, and sewer backups are just a few of the most prevalent problems. If you detect any of these plumbing difficulties, contact us right away for prompt repair services. Call now! (336) 462-1080

Water Heaters, Well Pumps and Sump Pumps

Keeping your house or company on track means having access to the amount of hot water you require, which can be obtained from a well pump or a municipal connection. Second, if you have one, make sure it’s in good working order by checking for any signs of flooding. All Star Plumbing repairs and/or replaces all three: water heaters, well pumps, and sump pumps.

If your water heater is nearing the end of its lifespan and it’s time for a replacement, we can install it with the same design or something different. Tank types are one option; tankless systems are another. If you’re thinking about this, let our specialists show you how tankless water heating works.

We offer professional repair services for well pumps and sump pumps to residents of the Oak Ridge, NC area. Well pumps and sump pumps are important components in home plumbing systems since water and drainage are supplied by them. Debris and mud that block pipes or enter the system over time can harm these pumps.

Extreme cold, severe heat, or power outages resulting from lightning striking near electrical wires or appliances with loose connections are all causes of injury. Well pumps are frequently situated below ground level, thus they require their own independent well to draw from and are unaffected by other sources.

Residential and Commercial Plumbing

At All Star Plumbing, we are also the expert team to trust in for all of your residential and commercial plumbing service needs. This includes a wide variety of jobs such as a new toilet, tub, or show installation. For your kitchen, this would mean taking care of your dishwasher and disposal.

In fact, if you are planning a bathroom or kitchen remodeling job we can take care of all the related plumbing details. And from the word go, we are the crew that will get your water service installation in place so you have running water in your new home or business. The bottom line is that we want to be there for you for all of your plumbing-related service needs; including any possible emergency repairs that ever come up.

All Star Plumbing is a full-service plumbing company with technicians who can handle all of your plumbing needs: Call us at (336) 462-1080