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Causes for sewer lines problems?

There can be several factors pending in the surrounding area of the home.

  • The age of the initial installation
  • Surrounding vegetation (*trees and deep-rooted plants)

*Tree roots are always in search of water that can penetrate even the smallest cracks and seams of an otherwise intact sewer line. Once a tree root finds an opening, it will continue to grow, causing the hole to expand. Roots have been known to eventually fill the pipe to the point that the flow of water is restricted or prevented. The pipe may even break apart and crumble. Are you looking for a sewer cleaning company in Greensboro? All Star Plumbing provides sewer cleaning, sewer drain, sewer line cleaning, sewer drain cleaning, and sewer backup cleaning in Greensboro, NC, and surrounding areas.

Natural Circumstances Can Be Common Problems

You don’t realize how much you rely on plumbing until you start having issues. A dripping faucet here, a slow drain there — as your home ages, it’s natural to have some plumbing problems. Some of those issues are simple enough to DIY without much difficulty. Others come with some potential dangers and are better left to the professionals. Being aware of the common plumbing problems and solutions helps you know when to grab your tool belt and when to call the plumber. All Star Plumbing is a service plumbing based in North Carolina. We have specialized equipment with the latest technology for your complete plumbing needs. We can ensure that the drain line is clean and operating correctly. We have fixed sewer problems or any project related to sewer cleaning, homeowners and business owners had a great experience and were satisfied with overall ratings. Give us a call for a free estimate!

  • Shifting soil due to freezing, settling, and adjacent pressures.
  • Blockage caused by internal obstructions Besides tree roots solidified grease can congeal causing the blockage. Flushing objects down the toilet can obviously cause a block. Sewer drain and sewer line cleaning can help you fix this problem.
  • Wear and tear due to age.
  • Broken, cracked, collapsed, or misaligned pipes. These can be caused by driving directly over the line with personal vehicles or something else causing compression
  • “Bellied” pipe – sections of pipe that have sunken creating an area of waste to converge and settle.

Our team of experts can handle an installation or repair job. We also offer green plumbing heating process, water heater repair or installation process, septic system for a home project, washer drain, basement drain, and other water heaters services for a business owner or High Point NC homeowners. You can schedule the same day within business hours if you contact All Star Plumbing today!

Signs your Sewer Line Needs Attention – Sewer Cleaning!

You can spot a clogged drain line when you see water backing up as you empty a sink or take a shower. For a toilet clog, the signs are often more immediate. Instead of flushing normally, the water backs up in the toilet bowl and may even overflow. Clearing the blockage typically restores your drains or toilet back to normal with a little DIY work or a visit from a plumber.

  • Repeated backups and or slow draining of wastewater. The hesitation of attention can lead to steps beginning with sewer cleaning then repair, relining, or replacement.
  • Bubbling sounds from plumbing fixtures and drains (garage, laundry, sink drains, and toilets)
  • Foul odors.
  • Lush patches of grass over known sewer line paths
  • Lawn indentations or possible collapse
  • Foundation cracking.
  • Pools of septic waste – complete septic system

We have a team of experienced drain cleaners who are extremely professional in sewer drain cleaning in North Carolina or areas around Greensboro NC. Check out our high verified reviews and available work schedule on our website. We provide fair pricing and reasonable quote. Contact us today!

How you can prevent problems and expenses?

Regular proactive management with great customer service can prevent major sewer lines issues later. Seriously!

  • Know where your sewer lines are located. It’s difficult to guard something when you don’t know where it is.
  • Remove all trees and other deep-rooted plants from the line’s vicinity or house. If you don’t do this before a major problem you will certainly do it afterward and pay for a sewer cleaning company for the repair.
  • Keep heavy equipment from driving directly over sewer lines. Let the equipment operator know where your lines are located near the kitchen sink, crawl space, or wherever the main line is.
  • Flushing the sewer line on a semi-regular interval. Flushing can be as simple as filling and draining a large sink or bathtub.
  • NEVER pour grease down a drain. Only “toilet” paper. Facial tissue: no; paper towels: no; small deceased pets: burial by the toilet is not burial at sea; Personal grooming materials: these are not engineered to break down in a sewer system, thus convenience can be seriously expensive. Even “just a little” every “now and then” can lead to “really big” costs. If this happens you may want to consider sewer drain cleaning.

Regular attention and maintenance performed by a professional plumber can alleviate upcoming problems. Regular maintenance is a fraction of the cost of drastic corrections. Believe me, if you don’t manage proactively, you may eventually have to pay for a correction then begin being proactive. All Star Plumbing service residents from Greensboro NC for sewer cleaning, sewer drain, sewer line cleaning, sewer drain cleaning, and sewer backup cleaning.


What to Expect with Professional Drain Cleaning Services?

Clogged drains are not only an inconvenience, they can also pose a hazard to your health and lead to property damage if left unaddressed. While attempting to clear a clogged drain with a plunger is a good first step for any homeowner to attempt if plunging fails, it’s time to call for a professional drain cleaning service, call All Star Plumbing.

Your local sewer drain cleaning services company has the tools and the experience to quickly determine the cause of any plumbing system blockage and remove it without risking further damage to your drain pipe or your home. A professional sewer drain cleaning service will not only solve your issue over the short term but also result in a cleaner, healthier drains that will perform better over the long term as well.

All Star Plumbing’s team of plumbers has all the skill sets needed for both residential and commercial plumbing, including sewer line maintenance, well pump maintenance, and a variety of other plumbing services. We know how to manage these concerns because frankly, we’ve already seen and corrected these types of problems. Call us now (336.462.1080) to begin a maintenance plan to avoid major damage down the road.