Sewer Line Repair

When a sewer line needs to be repaired or replaced, this is can be an expensive job. The only way to ensure you are getting the best price is to have an experienced plumber conduct an onsite inspection. That is because there are many different factors that can play in to how much it will cost to work on your sewer line. Since sewer line repair could be an expensive job, it is important to obtain several bids. Owner Larry Davis approves all estimates before presented to a customer.

All Star Plumbing offers free estimates on all sewer line repairs in the Triad and we will beat any written estimate for sewer line repair or replacement. We provide a full line of sewer line repair, from general blockages, root infiltration, broken pipes, sewer line corrosion, and pipe fittings.

Causes of Sewer Line Issues

  • Roots have breached the sewer line
  • The earth has settled causing an off-grade pipe
  • Leaks at the joints
  • Pipes have been broken, collapse, or cracked
  • Sewer line blockage

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