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Supply lines and Disposal

All Star Plumbing services Water Supply lines and Disposal drains

The water supply lines carry freshwater to the dwelling, not sewage. Water is supplied by municipalities or well systems. Water service enters at the meter base (the point where the main meets the inside pipe). All incoming water must be maintained so it does not freeze in cold climates. Water leaks can occur anywhere along that supply line to the house; including within your walls or ceiling. Of all places you don’t want a leak, this would be one of them. Water traveling through your wall creates a mold that cannot be seen but contributes to respiratory illnesses like asthma and allergies (it also eats away at your home’s structure). This means you need to hire an experienced plumber who knows how to cut walls and ceilings (basic knowledge) to repair the leak.

Garbage Disposer maintenance is an essential part of maintaining your home’s water supply lines and disposal drains. Garbage disposals are very easy to maintain with general cleaning using dish soap or even bleach (see Garbage Disposer manufacturer manual for application). When grease accumulates in disposal, users tend to turn off the power switch to stop its operation before scraping plates into it. This will harden within grind ring assembly along with other food particles that have also accumulated there creating a solidified mass that will not allow proper function when switched back on.

Garbage Disposer manufacturers provide service guides so you can maintain your home’s Garbage Disposer unit properly. These guides will explain how often to use it (frequency), what foods should never go in there (like fried chicken skin or fat), and what type of soap should be used. Garbage Disposers do not require any type of lubricant because all internal parts are made from tough stainless steel to handle a moist environment

All Star Plumbing technicians are trained to service and maintain garbage disposer units properly.