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Plumbing problems taken lightly may eat your happiness on the whole. Hence, fix the plumbing problems without any delay, and if not, it might eat your wallet and haunt you a lot. For example, just imagine that you do not get hot water when the shower is turned on during the cold season? How frustrating would it be if you have this issue at a critical time?

Dreadful instances are avoided if you rectify the plumbing issues at the exact interval of time. The main problem lies with an individual if he does not inspect the plumbing systems problem. Undetected for a while does make you spend a lot of money during a crucial time in your life.

You may spend a lot of money when the problem reaches the breaking point. Hence, the common plumbing problems found below have to be solved then and there without any postponement.

Faulty faucet

A dripping tap is a common fault found in each individual. You may hear the sound of a dripping tap in your house and office many times. If left unattended, the water bill may surprise you every month. Why is this headache left untreated by you? Instead of paying a huge bill every month, you shall fix the issue with the help of an expert to save your money.

Leaky faucets and pipes are a general issue found in many apartments and commercial places. It is more of a nuisance to the house and office owners every day. If you cannot catch the problem early, leaky issues may cause a huge problem.

How to avoid this issue?

Avoid turning on and off taps harshly and fast. You shall handle the taps gently whenever you use the faucet in your building. A regular inspection may prevent great damage to your faucets in your apartment. Visible rusting, small drops, or lime deposits are the indicators of future tap damage.

Water heater issues

Many symptoms tell you that your water heater does not work to the core expectations. Dripping water, puddled water, and noises are major symptoms of water heater issues. Not enough hot water during bathing is a major indicator of a problematic water heater.

How to fix the issue?

  • You need to check the pressure value regularly.
  • Flush the tank so that you can remove the sediment periodically.
  • Do not leave the tank in dipping status and instead fix the issue.

Clogged drains and toilet

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Clogged drains are a common plumbing issue found in your place. You may see backing up water in the sink when you bathe or clean the sink. Toilet water may not run properly, and instead, it may overflow. Normal flushing does not occur in your toilet even if you try your level best.

How to clean clogged drains?

Use a plunger to remove the clogged drains. A plunger can clean toilets and drains if used properly. The air pressure of the plunger cleans the clogged drains effectively. Using plumbing snakes dislodge blockage thereby making clogged drain cleaned effectively.

Low Water Pressure

Yet another problem found in your plumbing system is low water pressure. The low water pressure problem may arise suddenly thereby making your life miserable. Yes, you cannot fulfill your daily activities due to the issue. Let us see the reasons for low pressure:

  • Water breaks at any point.
  • Pipe leaks within the house.
  • Deposit of minerals and sediment in the pipes.

The above reasons cause low water pressure in your building or houses.

How to solve the low water pressure issue?

  • Using aerators or showerheads may improve the problem to an extent.
  • Using a filtration system to avoid settling sediment and minerals in the pipe.
  • Inspect pipe regularly to avoid any building up of dirt in the pipes

Running toilet

Toilet running is a nuisance to all even the toilet works. Toilet’s inner workings do not work properly, and hence toilet running issues occur.

Fixing the running toilet

You need to check each part of the toilet during an inspection. Ensure the toilet’s working conditions every time you check. If you find any issues, solve them immediately without any delay.

Sump pump problem

The Most Common Types Of Plumbing Problems And How To Avoid Them High Point, NC - All Star Plumbing

Yet another irritating plumbing issue is the Sump Pump problem.

During heavy snow and raining issues, sump pump clogging occurs. Improper maintenance of the sump pump is another factor for the failure of the sump pump issue. Sometimes, the power outage problem may ruin the system of the sump pump.

How to rectify the sump pump issue?

  • Realigning gutters is an effective step to clear the sump pump issue if any.
  • Patios re-leveling is a good step.
  • Sloping surrounding the foundation channel may improve the status.

Rust and corrosion problem

The water pipes, water heaters, and faucets may get corroded after using them for some time. Rust formation is a common issue in your water pipers. You can use anode rods to prevent corrosion from forming.


You may encounter sewer line problems if your house is closely situated next to big trees in your location. The tree roots’ may deteriorate your water systems heavily, and hence you need to check the menace without hesitation. Clogging sewer lines is a major issue for people. Sewer line blocks create odor and hence makes people frustrated and unfit to live.

You should call a licensed plumber for this issue to rectify. As far as the sewer issue is considered, you need to prevent it before it occurs.


In case you want to rectify the plumbing issues yourself, follow the below tips for your safety

  • Do close the main water connection before you work
  • Use the standard tools and equipment for repairing the issues.

Most important point is that you should call the plumber immediately in case the issue is complicated and massive. Do not take risks by doing it yourself because it may cause a huge loss to you.

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