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Water Heater Repair & Replacement Services In High Point

Maintenance service because if we maintain your water heater, repairing and/or replacement may not be needed.

Water Pipe Supply Repair for High Point - Greensboro - Winston Salem

Reassuring Quality

When water supply lines break or need to be replaced, it can be a big job. And can be catastrophic if not repaired properly. If you are not familiar with plumbing, it is best to call a professional in to perform the repair. The journey water takes to supply your numerous taps and faucets will take it through walls, under floors (including crawlspace), and maybe overhead in the attic. In any event, most water supply piping is not exposed for easy access. This is why contacting an experienced plumber to repair a leak is crucial.

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Unseen leaks can lead to mold.

Of all locations, you don’t want a leak that is hidden behind a wall or floor. . Water passing through your wall causes mold that is undetectable but contributes to respiratory disorders including asthma and allergies (it also eats away at the structure of your house).  Termites also love soft moist wood. This implies you’ll need to hire an expert plumber with appropriate training to repair the leak.

Shutting down the water pressure: Manually or Automatically

if you detect a leak (hopefully you are at home) the first step is to shut off the water supply. It can usually be done by turning off a valve located near the water supply line. Note: do you know where this valve is?    Consider having an automatic shutoff valve installed into your main incoming supply line.   Instead of you having to locate and access the main incoming manual valve, the automatic shutoff valve detects a reduction in water pressure and shuts off the incoming water

PSI Pounds Per Square Inch.

Water supply lines are under pressure.   This is what forces the water to deliver at a use rate required for hygiene and cleaning.   Water under pressure requires pipe connections that are strong.   Copper pipes are many times heat soldered to hold together.  This in itself takes experience and the proper tools and materials to control the pressure.   

Do It Yourself or Call a Professional?

Water lines that are exposed, like in a laundry room or a basement that has an unfinished ceiling, may provide for a DIY job. Just think it through. Understand the location(s) of the problem along with how you are going to control the pressure while you make the repair. What supplies and tools you will need. Or just call an experienced plumber (All Star Plumbing)

 Weigh the cost of a professional plumber completing the repair properly against the cost of a homeowner’s repair claim including the deductible. If the plumber has to cut out a section of the drywall, “he” will provide a name of someone who can fix that also.

It just makes sense to have a professional repair such a situation. All Star Plumbing will provide you the reassurance that what was broken is now fixed.