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Every time you open a hot water tap, do you feel like you’re running money out of the faucet?

Whether washing hands, cleaning clothes or giving the dog a bath, your water heater consumes energy to provide the right water temperature.

If you’re concerned about budget issues, as well as the environment, there are steps you can take to reduce energy usage. Some ideas merely involve changing habits while others may require a little time and money, but one thing’s for sure, when faithfully applied, they all add up to savings over time.

Our team has put together the following list to help you save on water heating costs – and even if you already practice some of the tips provided below, giving them additional thought may help you improve on what you are currently practicing and even provide a little more in savings.

After all, in the end, it is the constant awareness of the hot water you’re consuming that helps achieve cost reductions.

  1. Adjust to Lower Water Temperatures

Setting back the thermostat curtails water heater expenses. Try reducing the temperature gradually over several weeks, that way both yourself and family members can adapt to lower temperatures over time for things such as washing hands, showers and baths.

  1. Increase Performance by Draining Tank Sediment

Residue builds up quickly in water heaters, resulting in reduced efficiency and higher energy consumption. Tank drainage is a simple process requiring less than 30 minutes to complete; we recommend marking your calendar for this easy chore every four to six months.

  1. Reap the Benefits of Insulation

If the outside of your water heater feels warm, install an insulation blanket to reduce heat loss. Insulating three to six feet of the water pipes extending from the heater cuts energy usage too.

  1. Identify and Fix Leaks Immediately

Check appliances and hot water pipes in the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry room for drips and leaks. You’ll not only save energy and water but also lessen the risk of damage to floors and cupboards.

  1. Install a Timer

Since you don’t need hot water when everyone is out of the house or sleeping, using a timer to regulate water heating saves family budget dollars. You’ll also want to consider any utility peak usage rates.

  1. Use Creativity To Cut Use 

Gather household members for brainstorming ways to use less hot water. Try a shower-timing contest or award prizes for ideas. Have the kids help you research low-flow plumbing fixtures – there are some great showerheads and faucet options available!

  1. Invest in Efficiency

A new energy-efficient clothes washer not only provides utility savings but also uses less soap and water. If your water heater is approaching the end of its useful life, calculate how much an energy-saving replacement can reduce future bills. Consider tankless or solar water heaters for even greater savings.

If you have questions about improving water heater performance or cutting hot water costs, contact our specialists at All Star Plumbing. We are happy to help you solve any of your home water heater problems, along with any plumbing issues – call our experts at (336) 462-1080 for a free consultation today!